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Yamaha Music School

3 yrs

Music Wonderland invites children to start lessons at 3 years old. The lessons aim to:

  • Develop the child’s ability to express their own feelings (singing actively with images as well as expressing rhythm).
  • Understand the sense of rhythm (beat, tempo and constant speed of rhythm).
  • Cultivate the foundation that will make them capable of expressing music.

Music Wonderland prepares the next step, the Junior Music Course.

Yamaha Music School

4-5 yrs

Junior Music Course invites children to start at 4-5 years old.

At this age, children can easily memorize whatever sounds and words they hear for the first time. Therefore, if they are exposed to a variety of music by listening, singing and playing at this critical point in their lives, they will acquire a fundamental sense of music that is both solid and balanced.

In our classes we learn music very much how we learnt languages as a child. First by listening, followed by singing (imitating), playing and then reading and writing.

The goal of the Junior Music Course is:

• To nurture musical sensitivity and creativity through in-class musical group experiences.

• To sing what they hear, to play what they sing, to read what they play, using the keyboard instrument as a learning tool

• To obtain a comprehensive approach of music, learning the basic elements of music, melody, rhythm and harmony

After the 2 years of JMC, children can have the option to take a prep grade exam called Fundamental Skills Survey to celebrate all that they have learnt. They will then move on to the Junior Extension Course when they are 6-7 years old.

6-7 yrs

Junior Step Fundamental Courseinvites children to start at 6-7 years old. The Junior Step Fundamental Course is designed for children starting to learn music between 6 to 7 years of age. The JSFC course content is similar to JMC, except the duration is 1 year.

During the course students participate in activities which provide basic musical skills, encouraging independence and establishing the basis of creativity and self-expression on a keyboard instrument. The textbooks contain a variety of repertoire pieces as well as chord playing, solfege, lyric singing, ensemble and music theory.

After the 1 year of JSFC, children can have the option to take their first grade exam to celebrate all that they have learnt. Children move on to the Junior Extension Course when they are 7-8 years old.

Yamaha Music School at Fairfield Halls

After JMC and JSFC

Junior Extension Course invites children who studied on the JMC or JSFC course to move on to the JXC course as their next step. Building on the skills and musicality already developed the Junior Extension Course will:

• Develop expressional piano playing technique, music reading skills and theory.

• Encourage self-expression and develop the ability to create their own music through improvisation and composition.

• Guide children to musical independency along to their growth to school age

After 2 years the children can have the option to take the next graded exam and then move on from the Junior Extension Course to the Junior Advanced or Ensemble Course.

8 yrs and above

Play for Keepsinvites budding musicians that are 8 years old and above, even adults, to start keyboard lessons! For this course, groups are curated for similar age groups.

The main focus of the PFK course is:

• to produce an independent keyboard player

• to help the student to become an all-round musician who is comfortable in a range of styles and has a good repertoire

• to develop a strong technique, fluent reading ability, a sound theoretical grasp and good aural acuity

• to learn skills in arranging and improvising

PFK has 8 books in total. The pace of the class is determined on the progression of the class and therefore is not timely. Each book can lead to taking a graded exam with the exam board called Rock School.

Yamaha Music School at Fairfield Halls

Parents and adults are an important part of the learning process for the younger children.

In Music Wonderland, the parent and child enjoy the class together as a pair.

In JMC, parents accompany children in the room for the first two years.

In JSFC, although not compulsory after a while, we recommend that you attend regularly if you can. It’s unusual for parents to be so involved in their child’s learning - it’s a lovely way to spend time with your child!

The course materials are fantastic and the group environment means lessons are rhythmical, sociable, pacey, full of music...and fun! A wonderful way to learn.