5 Stars

I got to enrol my little one in a class totally by chance...

"I honestly didn't think that the school would do anything different/more than others I heard about. And boy, I was so wrong!

Not only that my child enjoys the classes, but it also helped us bonding a lot, by rehearsing together on a daily basis.

It is also a great method they use, because, as with the spelling in the UK, you teach the child to listen, think and recognise, before throwing him/her into the whirlpool of letters, or notes - in this case.

Which brings the experience to a new level. Because you don't train your child to repeat like a parrot, but to understand and feel the rhythm.

For Bethany, as a teacher, A plus as a grade. Always smiley, though strict with the manners required to perform as a group. Always giving great feedback and being there if you need some advice.

Hence, I am looking forward to enrolling as an adult student soon.

That is why I wholeheartedly recommend this school because it makes a difference!"

Julia - Junior Music Course Parent

5 Stars

Bethany is a fantastic piano teacher our 5 year old son really enjoys the classes, they are fun, mixing a lot of listening, singing and playing. It's a joy to see the children progress with no stress and much joy!

Clotilde - Junior Fundamental Parent

5 Stars

Friendly, professional, affordable and fun music school - a great foundation for budding musicians. Super happy we found them!

Melissa - Junior Extension Course Parent

5 Stars

My child has attended the music school for a few years now and is progressing well with their playing (two hands together) and musical knowledge. The teachers are highly professional and experienced, also, learning as a group makes the lessons more fun and the kids have a great rapport with their teacher, many thanks Bethany.

Sabrina - Junior Extension Course Parent