Yamaha Music School at Fairfield Halls opens its doors to new students

News 21 October 2021
Yamaha Music School

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Yamaha’s music education courses are a very special way to learn music. The Yamaha Music School at Fairfield now offers courses for children aged 3 - 10 years old at the start of their course.

Children learn music naturally, as they would their first language, and as they grow, our method of teaching develops with them. Four and five years old is an important window for aural development and the Junior Music Course (JMC) is designed to grasp this opportunity. By six and seven, children’s fine motor development has significantly progressed and the Junior Step Fundamental Course (JSFC) reflects this change. For KS2 aged children, Play For Keeps (PFK) presents a different way of learning, and also goes straight into the exciting keyboard functions in addition to teaching piano skills. We are delighted to add Music Wonderland for 3 year olds to our course portfolio - classes include carefully directed musical activities with a lovely introduction to the keyboard.

Yamaha lessons are comprehensive – much more than a piano lesson: in the younger courses we play, sing, read and write music, all at the appropriate developmental stage for the children. Students gain a real understanding of what they are playing and this shows in the very musical way that they play. Keyboards are provided in the fully-equipped Yamaha classroom – we can be an orchestra! In the older course, students not only play in both piano and keyboard styles, but also study improvisation, theory, keyboard functions, arrangement, ensembles and so on.

Parents are an important part of the learning process in the younger courses: in Music Wonderland, parent and child enjoy this really special time together as a pair; for JMC, parents accompany children for the first two years, and for JSFC, although not compulsory, we recommend that you attend regularly if you can.

The course materials are fantastic and the group environment means lessons are rhythmical, sociable, pacey, full of music…and fun! A great way to learn.

For more information please email - ffh-musiceducation@bhlive.org.uk