Friday 1 September 6.30pm – 7.20pm

The Recreational

This performance is free but you need to book a ticket -

Your ticket will also give you access to TransHuman Embodiment and Beyond by Rachel Gadsden & Freddie Meyers, which is taking place in the Foyer 7.30pm - 8pm. So please stay and experience this performance too!

Nua Dance's interactive film for BBC Arts and Dance Passion, commissioned by One Dance UK, The Place and Dance East, has paved the way for this immersive performance of NOISE for Deaf and hearing audiences. Prepare to question and explore your understanding of noise through vibrating soundscapes and reactive visuals. Follow the dancers on a captivating journey, inspired by their personal experiences of navigating communication challenges in a society bound by ableism and heteronormativity. Brace yourself for a mind-altering experience of self-discovery, leaving you energised and awakened. Choose your own path and immerse yourself in this vibrant, transformative performance.

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Access information:

Important access information: Everyone is welcome to this performance. Guide Dogs will be looked after by our volunteers in a separate area due to the artist having a severe, life-threatening allergy to all dogs.

If you would like to attend this performance with your Guide Dog please contact to discuss how we can facilitate this safely.

For this event, the following access provision will be available:
● Integrated access for Deaf audience
● Pre-recorded audio description for before the show
● A touch-tour before the show
● Content warnings: Low lighting and projections. Loud and at times uncomfortable noise
● This is a relaxed event
● Step-free access throughout
● Accessible toilets closeby
● A Wellbeing Hub and breakout space is available within the venue
● Easy-read information pack
● Audio Describers will be available across the festival to support with guiding, touch tours and describing on an on-demand basis. To book time with a describer for this event, email: