Head of Light Entertainment

Cro Cro Land Festival 2022
Head of Light Entertainment at Cro Cro Land Festival, Fairfield Halls

Head of Light Entertainment are four musical misfits from Teesside, North East England, specialising in peculiar, frugal, melody laden pop.

The band have released three very well received albums (“work of genius” - Mallaz OnMusic Blog) and a string of eclectic singles and EP’s. BBC6 Music (and in particular Tom Robinson), together with BBC TeesBob Fischer, have tirelessly championed HOLE on the radio, enabling the band to gain both notoriety and recognition.

Now comes the band’s latest release and their first in two years. New Boy both celebrates and mocks music’s incessant search for the next big thing and how it affects those once new who are expected to stand aside and join in the fawning applause. Incorporating HOLE tricks old and new, the song moves along at a giddying pace with river rapid beats, stop/start guitar and a freezer full of shivery bass squelch.