Bugeye at Cro Cro Land Festival 2022, Fairfield Halls

Bugeye are an all-female queer alt rock band hailing from the concrete shores of Croydon.

Re-imaged in 2018 with dirty guitars, disco beats, sizzling synths and exploding bass riffs, be prepared to hit the dancefloor and join the revolution. With lyrics touching on subjects from the mundanity of modern city life to global issues such as racism and climate change, tunes come wrapped in a riotous optimism that demands you to dance.

With live shows that embrace both music and the art of performance, Bugeye are known for their energetic shows with sold out tours across the UK, rave reviews and record streams. If that’s not all, the band also have one the UK’s most exciting podcasts with special guests from across the music industry.