Tutu Trouble

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Tutu Trouble

Friday 11th October, 2019


The Recreational


Tutu Trouble is an exciting original new physical theatre show for children aged 6+.

Choreographed by Vinicius Salles and performed by Errant’s multi-talented dancers, Tutu Trouble is the story of Carolina and her best friend Scruff  who find a magical tutu hidden in a box in the woods, leading them on an exciting adventure of discovery and friendship.

With its positive LGBTQ+ theme, it’s all about being who or what you want to be…. even if you’re a dog!

An Errant and 1DegreeEast co-production.

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Friday - 11th October 5:00 PM Book Now

Venue Info

The Recreational

South London is about to get a new 750 capacity gig space with the opening of The Recreational at Fairfield Halls.