Treasure Island

Treasure Island

Friday 06th December, 2019 - Saturday 07th December, 2019


SAVVY Studio


Come and join us on the high seas as we sail off on a classic adventure.

Young Jim Hawkins dreams of escaping his quiet country life; gazing out, day after day at the sea and imagining what lies beyond the horizon.

It’s not until a mysterious stranger arrives, pursued by a band of blood-thirsty pirates, all hunting for a map and a legendary treasure, that Jim is thrust into his long sought-after, sea-fairing adventure!

This brand-new interpretation, developed especially for SAVVY Theatre’s diverse cast, incorporates puppeteering and object theatre with sword fights and storytelling; an ambitious production, bringing this famous tale to life in true ‘SAVVY-Style’.

SAVVY is an inclusive theatre company, creating unique and accessible productions for both cast and audience.  Every year we bring our entire company together for our annual Christmas show, and this year it will be even more special as we look forward to welcoming you to our brand-new home.

For details on how to get involved with us, visit:


SAVVY Theatre - Fairfield Halls Croydon


Fully Booked Friday - 06th December 7:00 PM £12.50 Book Now
Fully Booked Saturday - 07th December 2:00 PM £12.50 Book Now
Fully Booked Saturday - 07th December 7:00 PM £12.50 Book Now

Venue Info

SAVVY Studio

This space is designed for up to 80 seated, with accessibility at the heart of the area.

SAVVY Theatre is an award-winning company, creating ambitious, inclusive productions and theatre experiences that bring different groups of people together.
We are committed to developing innovative, ensemble-based projects that engage with local communities, where everyone is welcomed and involved regardless of their ability or disability, advantage or disadvantage.