Silk Road

Silk Road

Friday 13th March, 2020 - Saturday 14th March, 2020


Ashcroft Playhouse


Performed with an evocative live score, Silk Road is a fascinating exploration of the rituals along nomadic routes, conjuring images of the pilgrims, monks, traders and urban dwellers who made their way from China to the Iberian Peninsula. It is a celebration of diverse cultures and dances, as strong and as delicate as silk itself.

Agudo weaves his Flamenco roots with a unique, contemporary style in this universal and personal story of East meets West. Guest choreographers Rafael Amargo and Nahid Siddiqui bring their Flamenco and Kathak influence to this exquisite production.


Friday - 13th March 7:45 PM Book Now
Saturday - 14th March 7:45 PM Book Now

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Ashcroft Playhouse

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