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Lloyd Cole – From Rattlesnakes to Guesswork

Lloyd Cole – From Rattlesnakes to Guesswork

Friday 11th September, 2020


Concert Hall


Lloyd Cole performs his new album Guesswork plus more at Fairfield Halls for one night only, don’t miss out!

“When I was making the record I felt like I was stretching myself artistically, perhaps even to breaking point, and Chris just laughed. ‘No-one else could have made this record,’ he said, ‘It’s soaked in Lloyd-ness’ You realise over time that however much you second-guess yourself or try and pull yourself in whatever direction, it’s still you. If you have a voice, you can’t un-voice yourself.”


Friday - 11th September 8:00 PM Book Now

Venue Info

Concert Hall

Designed as a scaled down version of the Royal Festival Hall, (both venues shared the same acoustic consultant, Hope Bagenal), our Concert Hall is recognised internationally for its fantastic and bright acoustics and has “…some of the finest acoustics in Europe” as stated by renowned conductor Leopold Stokowski.

The Concert Hall will once again play host to the London Mozart players as resident Orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the English Chamber Orchestra.

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