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Grimm’s Collecting Agency

Community Theatre
Grimm’s Collecting Agency

Saturday 28th March, 2020


John Whitgift Community Cube


Collecting stories is a family business for the Grimms, handed down through the generations – ever since their great great great great grandfathers, those famous brothers, heard the one about Hansel and Gretel.

This year Grimm’s Collecting Agency will be popping up in Croydon on a mission to assess the state of our divided nation.

The Grimms will be collecting stories. Your stories…

Is there a legend in your family? Do you have a tale about the street you live in or how you came to Croydon? Perhaps you have a favourite yarn that makes you think differently about the world? Please tell your best stories to the Grimms, who will be roaming your streets from 23rd – 26th March, or if you can’t find them in person you can drop them a line: [email protected]

On Saturday 28th March the Grimms will be presenting their findings about Croydon, and performing some of their favourite stories that they have collected from the area.

Find out more on the Croydonites Festival of New Theatre website.


Originally supported by Lewisham Council. This edition commissioned by Croydonites Festival of New Theatre.

Original director: Sophie Austin


Part of the Croydonites Festival of New Theatre Saturday - 28th March 4:00 PM


"Almost anywhere is a possible stage for this most creative of theatre groups. The challenge they set themselves is to break free of tradition, reinterpret the classics and collaborate with their audience. Absolutely not the West End."

- The Guardian

Venue Info

John Whitgift Community Cube

This glass-fronted space at the front of the newly revamped arts centre will play host to all manner of community events and activities throughout the year.