Colin Metters conducts a Reunion Concert celebrating 40 years with ESYO

Colin Metters conducts a Reunion Concert celebrating 40 years with ESYO

Sunday 20th October, 2019


Phoenix Concert Hall


This extraordinary concert is a celebration of 40 years music making with Colin Metters and ESYO.  Founded in 1979,  East Sussex Youth Orchestra affected and influenced many hundreds of lives. ESYO alumni from across the years now return to play once again under Colin’s baton.  Colin’s invitation was open to all alumni and the Reunion Orchestra contains players at the top of the profession, occasional and freelance players, enthusiastic amateurs, and those who had to find their instruments and practise!

The following quotes reflect feelings and sentiments expressed by so many:

“I think I learned most of my orchestral skills during those summers and most importantly had some of the strongest musical experiences of my life. It really was such a special time and I know many others feel the same.”  (C.M. Violinist)

“20 years after leaving ESYO, and God knows how many orchestras later, nothing comes close to the way I felt being on stage with you, Colin, and ESYO.  For this, my eternal thanks and respect!” (T.O. Oboist)


Leader:  Charles Mutter

Conductor: Colin Metters


Rossini        Overture: Semiramide

The first piece played by ESYO on October 1979 at the Congress Theatre Eastbourne.

Powell        New Commission.  World Premiere

John Powell, a founding member, now internationally recognised composer of film scores and the very moving Prussian Requiem has  composed a piece in celebration and thanks for his time with Colin and ESYO.  He journeys from Los Angeles with his viola to play again, forty years on !      


Mahler        Symphony No: 5

Never played by ESYO in 40 years. Now programmed to excite and thrill all ESYO alumni.


Sunday - 20th October 7:30 PM £15 Book Now

Venue Info

Phoenix Concert Hall

Designed as a scaled down version of the Royal Festival Hall, (both venues shared the same acoustic consultant, Hope Bagenal), our Concert Hall is recognised internationally for its fantastic and bright acoustics and has “…some of the finest acoustics in Europe” as stated by renowned conductor Leopold Stokowski.

The Phoenix Concert Hall will once again play host to the London Mozart players as resident Orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the English Chamber Orchestra.



Phoenix Pianos

Phoenix Pianos - Fairfield Halls

Phoenix Pianos are a British company that pride themselves on leading the piano manufacture industry with new, high-end piano technologies.

Founder and Chairman, Richard Dain, is a man of impressive engineering pedigree and tireless vision, who in the early 2000s began to combine his passion for pianos and music with his wide-ranging engineering skills.

A series of ground-breaking innovations have led to the most technologically advanced pianos in the world.

The Phoenix mission is twofold:

  1. To once again offer inspiration to artists in new levels of acoustic performance, after a century of near complete stagnation within the piano industry.
  2. To make highly practical improvements to piano design, such as climate resistance, longevity of parts, reliability of performance, and touch response.

Phoenix instruments benefit from:

  • Carbon fibre and Kevlar soundboard designs
  • A new highly responsive action comprising 3D printed and carbon fibre parts
  • Patented bridge technology to improve the power and efficiency of acoustic transfer, giving artists access to a wider dynamic range

The installation of a fleet of Phoenix instruments in the Fairfield Halls, and their sponsoring of the Phoenix Academy, represent a very special moment for both piano design and manufacture, and for this premier venue.