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Bollywood Fever

Saturday 23rd November, 2019


Phoenix Concert Hall


Following on from their record breaking 2018 Sholay screening held in Birmingham, the immersive film experience Bollywood Fever returns with another global blockbuster in LAGAAN: Once Upon A Time In India. Considered by many to be the greatest Bollywood film of all time, LAGAAN staring Aamir Khan, was originally released in 2001 to critical acclaim receiving an Academy Award nomination. Achieving the feat of being recognised as one of the best sports movies of any genre, Bollywood Fever celebrates the recent ICC Cricket World Cup by bringing this movie to life with live dance accompanying this epic screening.

As the exclusive London venue, Fairfield Halls will be transformed into a melting pot of Bollywood inspired entertainment, capturing the essence of this classic with live music beforehand in The Recreational from fan favourite ‘Shama’. Ticket holders will be treated to a live concert from the 8 piece band, who will deliver a repertoire of Bollywood classic songs, in a power packed performance combining both traditional Indian melodies with modern production.

Alongside dance and the music concert, attendees will have an array of street food – desi style options available plus a few other surprises in The Recreational before moving into the Phoenix Concert Hall. The experience will be the perfect setting for families,  generations that have not seen the magic of LAGAAN in theatres, those who have seen the film countless times, as well as world cinema aficionado’s.


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Venue Info

Phoenix Concert Hall

Designed as a scaled down version of the Royal Festival Hall, (both venues shared the same acoustic consultant, Hope Bagenal), our Concert Hall is recognised internationally for its fantastic and bright acoustics and has “…some of the finest acoustics in Europe” as stated by renowned conductor Leopold Stokowski.

The Phoenix Concert Hall will once again play host to the London Mozart players as resident Orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the English Chamber Orchestra.



Phoenix Pianos

Phoenix Pianos - Fairfield Halls

Phoenix Pianos are a British company that pride themselves on leading the piano manufacture industry with new, high-end piano technologies.

Founder and Chairman, Richard Dain, is a man of impressive engineering pedigree and tireless vision, who in the early 2000s began to combine his passion for pianos and music with his wide-ranging engineering skills.

A series of ground-breaking innovations have led to the most technologically advanced pianos in the world.

The Phoenix mission is twofold:

  1. To once again offer inspiration to artists in new levels of acoustic performance, after a century of near complete stagnation within the piano industry.
  2. To make highly practical improvements to piano design, such as climate resistance, longevity of parts, reliability of performance, and touch response.

Phoenix instruments benefit from:

  • Carbon fibre and Kevlar soundboard designs
  • A new highly responsive action comprising 3D printed and carbon fibre parts
  • Patented bridge technology to improve the power and efficiency of acoustic transfer, giving artists access to a wider dynamic range

The installation of a fleet of Phoenix instruments in the Fairfield Halls, and their sponsoring of the Phoenix Academy, represent a very special moment for both piano design and manufacture, and for this premier venue.