An Audience with John Humphrys

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An Audience with John  Humphrys

Thursday 31st October, 2019


Arnhem Foyer


Mention John Humphrys, and most people will give you one of two replies: the Today programme, and tough interviewing. John has recently announced that he will be retiring from Today in the autumn.

Since he joined BBC Radio 4’s flagship current affairs breakfast programme in 1987, John Humphrys’ name has become a byword for combative interviewing. He has developed an enviable reputation as the journalist politicians fear to face, and although his style has occasionally been controversial, it also earned him the Journalist of the Year award for 2000. His work on Today and for many years on BBC1’s On the Record has made him one of the organisation’s most respected journalists and presenters. He is also the current presenter of the BBC’s Mastermind

Never one to pull his punches he made the headlines again in 2004 when he was scathingly critical of the ‘dumbing down’ of British television citing reality shows such as Big Brother, as well as the increasing violence in British soap operas. For many years he has conducted a personal crusade to defend the English language against those who would corrupt it with Americanised jargon, meaningless business non-speak and assorted gobbledegook.


Thursday - 31st October 1:05 PM

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Arnhem Foyer

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