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Yamaha Music School

Yamaha Music School

Yamaha’s Junior Music Courses are a very special way to learn music. Fairfield offers courses for children aged 4 to 7 years when they start the course. Children learn music naturally, as they would their first language, and as they grow, our method of teaching develops with them. Four and five years old is an important window for aural development and the Junior Music Course (JMC) is designed to grasp this opportunity. By six and seven, children’s fine motor development has significantly progressed and so the Junior Step Fundamental Course (JSFC) reflects this change.

The lessons are comprehensive – much more than a piano lesson: we play, sing, read and write music; and all at the appropriate developmental stage for the children. Students gain a real understanding of what they are playing and this shows in the very musical way that they play. Keyboards are provided in the fully-equipped Yamaha classroom – we can be an orchestra!

Parents are an important part of the learning process: for JMC, parents accompany children for the first two years, and for JSFC, although not compulsory we do recommend that you attend regularly if you can. It’s unusual for parents to be so involved in the child’s learning: a lovely way to spend time with your child!

The course materials are fantastic and the group environment means lessons are rhythmical, sociable, pacey, full of music…and fun! A great way to learn.


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How to join

The next opportunity to join is January 2020, when we will be offering a new Saturday class at 11:50 – 12:50 for children aged 4 and 5 years old. Please email Antonia on [email protected] to register your interest for this or to go on our invite list.

If you prefer to join at our Easter intake, please put Sunday 22 March in your diary. This is the next open day with free taster lessons and will be for accompanied children aged between 4 and 7 years old. Booking is essential.

We look forward to hearing from you!

I had traditional one-to-one piano lessons when I was younger – I really wish I had done JMC!

Junior Music Course parent


We offer two courses, both designed for beginners:

  • Junior Music Course: for children aged 4 or 5 years at the start
  • Junior Step Fundamental Course: for children aged 6 or 7 years at the start

The Yamaha system is an 8 year programme, slightly less for those starting little older:

The initial stages are as follows:

  • The Junior Music Course lasts two years
  • The Junior Step Fundamental Course lasts 18 months

Classes are held in groups of up to ten students

  • Junior Music Course for 4 and 5 year olds: parents attend the first two years
  • Junior Step Fundamental Course for 6 and 7 year olds: parents are recommended to attend the first 18 months

Yes. Lessons are weekly and run in term-time, meaning about 35 – 36 lessons a year.

60 minutes (includes class changeover).

Lessons are £17 each, payable termly (terms are usually between 5 – 7 weeks).

JMC materials are £38 for books, music and DVD and are required every six months.


  • Bethany Norman

    Bethany is a pianist and flautist based in London. Before attending Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, she attended Guildhall School of Music and Drama’s Junior Department. Bethany has built up a large student base since teaching full time on a gap year and has never looked back! She teaches the piano, flute and music theory to students privately and peripatetically. Many of whom are hoping to study Music at University or a Music Conservatoire.

  • Jane Fletcher

    Jane trained at the Royal Academy of Music, where she received a scholarship to attend at the age of 12. Her main study was piano and her second study singing. She was lucky enough to be surrounded by inspiring musicians and teachers, and performed in many concerts throughout her tuition. This gave her a life long enjoyment of all aspects of music. She now teaches piano and music theory to students of all ages and abilities, privately and as a peripatetic teacher in schools.

  • Antonia King

    'Antonia comes to us from Matrix Music School and Arts Centre where she has been teaching the Junior Music Course for almost twenty years. Antonia finds teaching in this style immensely rewarding and has taken many groups from 'do do do' right through to graduation. For her, one of the many joys of the course is helping children find and develop their own style of composition. Fairfield Halls are grateful to Matrix for sharing both their teaching and admin experience - we hope this means a flying start to the Yamaha Music School at Fairfield!

Term Dates

  • Term 1: Open Day 13 October 2019
  • Term 2: Thursday 14 November - Saturday 21 December 2019 (6 lessons)
  • Term 3: Thursday 9 January - Saturday 15 February 2020 (6 lessons)
  • Term 4: Thursday 5 March - Saturday 4 April 2020 (5 lessons)
  • Term 5: Thursday 23 April - Saturday 23 May 2020 (5 lessons)
  • Term 6: Thursday 4 June - Saturday 11 July 2020 (6 lessons)